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and step-by-step guidance from beginning to end.

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About DIY Divorces

First, a word of caution: DIY divorces are not recommended as it could have severe long term consequences for either or both spouses when things go sideways. But, if there’s no other way, even a DIY Divorce comes with options.

A free DIY Divorce is possible. For this you will need to approach the Court for assistance. Divorcing couples have generally experienced this an intimidating and stressful process but doable, nonetheless. Then, for under R200, there is Grayston’s online Divorce Yourself Programme.


On Your Own, But Not Alone

The Divorce Yourself Program is designed to simplify the DIY divorce process considerably. It includes all the required resources and paperwork and will guide you through your entire divorce, every step of the way, provided that it meets the criteria for a simple, unopposed divorce. It is presented in an interactive program format with access to user forum and program support. No hidden costs or nasty surprises. Besides the initial sign-up fee the only other expenses you should incur is for the Sheriff to serve the summons. If you follow the steps in the program, these shouldn’t exceed R200. If your divorce is not that simple or you are not confident enough to do it yourself, rather consult a specialist divorce lawyer.

Do the spouses agree?

Agreement between spouses to settle forms the basis of most unopposed divorces and without which a Do-It-Youself divorce is not possible. Settlement simplifies divorce proceedings and determines the rights and obligations of the parties in respect of their children, property and maintenance.

For a brief introduction to the programme, watch this short demo video.

The 5-Stage Legal Process

    Stage 1 – Summons Issued

    Stage 2 – Summons Served

    Stage 3 – Hearing Date Application

    Stage 4 – Hearing Attendance

    Stage 5 – Fetch Divorce Decree

What The Experts Are Saying

Free Advice From Specialist Divorce Attorneys

As regards reaching a settlement, sooner is usually better, provided it is fair to all concerned.

Theuns Hurter

Divorce Attorney, Pretoria

Contested divorce cases often start out as uncontested. Prepare for the worst case scenario.

Bradley Aliphon

Divorce Attorney, Durban

That unopposed divorces are always preferable is beyond question, but it is not always possible.

Mervyn Vermeulen

Divorce Attorney, West Rand

Advice from retired divorce lawyer

According to retired specialist divorce attorney, Ann Benoit, the choice between an uncontested or a contested divorce could be a critical decision for better or for worse. After spending a lifetime in divorce courts, Ann became increasingly annoyed with the vengeance fuelled, ‘win-at-all-cost’ divorces, so common in the courts:

“It consumes the people involved… destroying their finances, their mental health, their children and sometimes their very lives. The angry, ‘win-at-all-cost’ divorce is not good for anyone, the people involved, the children nor for society as a whole, bar for the lawyers, of course. The more you fight, the less money you have and the more money they make. Even after the divorce, if you have children, you are still a family of sorts, required to co-operate and work together through the child rearing years.

If you are a family, of sorts, better to be a happy one! The ideal is to travel through the divorce with a workable relationship intact and to move on with your life in the best possible survival mode for you, your kids (if any) and your soon-to-be-ex. Divorce is a stressful situation and although you have to go through some stress, it can be minimised significantly. Be aware that for most people, when they are under stress, their brains just don’t function as efficiently as usual, so be kind to yourself and also to your soon-to-be-ex – who is also not functioning as efficiently as usual either. In approaching every part of your divorce, take the long view. Remember when this divorce proceeding is over, there will still be days when emergencies come up and you want to be able to call your ex to pick up the kids when it is not your ex’s turn. How you handle things now will determine how hard or easy your life will be then.”


Whom is the Divorce Yourself programme designed for?

The Divorce Yourself programme is designed for spouses who:

  • live in South Africa;
  • know how to contact each other;
  • are in agreement on the terms of the divorce; and
  • do not wish to engage the services of an attorney.


Which marriages does the Divorce Yourself Programme apply to?

The Divorce Yourself programme applies to Civil Marriages that were concluded in South Africa with the exception of Civil Unions, Muslim and Hindu marriages, and marriages in terms of African Customary Law.

The Divorce Yourself Programme is designed to guide you

through your entire DIY divorce, every step of the way.